Maaco Franchising 2019 – Bill Capel (Video Transcript)

Maaco, has a strong brand identification with the customers, with the potential customers we see. From the time we opened…the telephone, it started ringing. I picked up the phone, a guy wanted his car painted. That’s how quick it started. We had cars to paint the first week we opened. Now, if I’d open on my own, even as good as I am, even as aggressive as I could be, I would’ve never had the volume of business to start without the brand identification and without Maaco. Would I do it again? I think that’s the best question anyone could ask as you’re looking at a franchise. And I say, yes. I would do it again. Would I do it the same way? No. I would’ve started sooner. Sooner in my life.

– Bill Capel

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