Brian Greely – Maaco Franchise Co-Owner:

When I started out in this business painting 15-20 a week, I thought it was an amazing number. But now, we are painting 15-20-25 cars a day and that is amazing! Not only is it fun, but it’s non-stop the enjoyment that you get out of that the customers, the interactions coming in and out, the employees, the parts, drivers, the stuff that goes on throughout the day – it’s, by no means is it boring at all it’s fun. Maaco’s an iconic brand that offers tremendous value to our customers, our franchise owners, our employees and our vendors. It’s afforded me an opportunity to grow up and grow up in a business that I love. The training that they give us is state-of-the-art, they’re constantly showing us the right thing to do in our businesses so we can translate that to our employees and produce the best product at the most affordable price for our customer.

(0:57) Todd Earley – General Manager at Maaco :

I chose this shop because of the tools they had, the resources they had, and quite honestly what they were doing in this community.

(1:04) Frank Ball – Maaco Client:

When I come here, I’m thrilled. Maaco in a few words – I think they’re dependable and do good work.

(1:12) Brian Greely – Maaco Franchise Co-Owner:

typical Maaco customer comes here knowing what they want but not necessarily what they need, so it’s an exciting opportunity to explain to them about the repair options that Maaco offers and go about it in a way that they’re excited to see the end result as we are excited to produce and manufacture the products and services that they came in for. For me being a part of the community, being able to help other people out, to be able to fix somebody’s car that’s in need, it’s amazing how fun that has been and how rewarding that’s been for us. The thing about Maaco being a 40+ year company, the knowledge that they have is tremendous because they have franchisees that are out there in the field doing it every single day.

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