Maaco Makes it Fast and Easy for Customers to Receive Estimates for Vehicle Paint and Repair with Innovative Online Estimating Tool

March 30, 2021 //

Maaco, America’s Body Shop, offers vehicle owners a new, unique and easy way to obtain estimates and book appointments to have their car painted and have minor dents, scratches, or weather damages repaired with the Maaco Online Estimating Tool.

One of the first estimating services of its kind, the online tool allows customers to input information that generates an estimate for the services they need. It even has the flexibility to adjust pricing based on geography and the difference in regional labor rates. Once the estimate is generated, the vehicle owner can use the tool to book an online appointment, making the entire process fast easy, and able to be done from home on your phone or desktop.

“The Maaco Online Estimating Tool has made it significantly easier for customers to get estimates for their automotive paint services and light collision work,” said Jonnel Rosa, Senior Marketing Manager, Maaco. “We are also reaching a whole new demographic of customers, helping those who are young, tech-savvy and prefer to do business online. It is a very convenient way for them to get estimates and book appointments.”

The Online Estimating Tool is an easy way for Maaco owners to provide contact-free, preliminary online estimates that have no pressure commitments to the customer. Customers can also access the information they need anytime, day or night, to decide if they want to take their vehicle to one of Maaco’s nationwide shops.

“We typically receive more online estimates after business hours and over the weekend so it’s great to have a platform that potential customers can use that work with their schedules,” says Shirley Shriver, owner, Maaco Akron. “The key is the diligent follow-up to create a dialogue with these customers. For instance, we had a request for work on a classic VW van that started with an online estimate, but we called the customer once we saw the estimate come through because we knew this was a unique job.”

To get an online estimate, customers simply answer a few questions about their vehicle, then they will receive a preliminary estimate. From there, the customer can book an appointment to finalize the estimate on-site with their nearest Maaco facility.